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Athletic Projects

Mustang Weight Room Project

The Lakewood Ranch High School Athletic Department is continually striving to provide our student-athletes with high quality experiences, and opportunities for growth. A considerable need has become apparent on the high school campus in recent years. Our current weight room is quite outdated, as the same equipment is still being utilized from the school opening in 1998. After 25 years of use, much of the equipment remaining in the weight room is worn down and no longer serves a meaningful purpose for our student-athletes.


To continue the tradition of excellence established by Lakewood Ranch Athletics, a properly equipped training environment is essential for our athletes. It has become widely recognized that every sport can benefit from a personalized Strength and Conditioning program. The increases in field performance and injury reduction prove consistent training to be a huge advantage. Lakewood Ranch Athletics has already taken the first step in prioritizing Strength and Conditioning by hiring a full-time coach with the education, certifications, and experience necessary to provide our student-athletes with the proper training.


Right now, we need members of the community to come together to help meet our fundraising goal. To ensure our student-athletes are training in an environment where they can reach their full potential, the weight room needs to be properly revamped with new racks, benches, dumbbells, and more. Our goal is to raise $120,000 to cover these expenses.


Please share this with others in our community who might also want to become involved with the Lakewood Ranch Athletic Department’s mission of providing the highest quality training environment for our student-athletes. We sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Athletic Director, Kent Ringquist.



Questions, please contact Ringquist at:



Telephone: 941-727-6100 ext: 2156

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· $20,000+ = PLATINUM

· $10,000+ = GOLD

· $5,000+ = SILVER

· $2,500+ = BRONZE

A plaque will be created by Vocational Department, recognizing those who have donated and supported the Lakewood Ranch Weight Room Renovation. The higher donation level, the larger your name will be on the plaque. Donors will also be recognized on the Lakewood Ranch Athletic website. social media platforms, and stadium video board.

Mustang Stadium Project

Mustang Stadium is long overdue for an overall make-over. Lakewood Ranch High school is now over twenty years old and has built a strong athletic program, Some of our facilities are lacking though. We need a stadium entrance that is inviting to fans and the community. We have an outstanding track and scoreboard/ video board combination, but upgrades in and outside of it need to be put in, so the track can last over time. If you look at the rendering, some of the things we would like to add are:

  • Main ticket booth (stand-alone)

  • Secondary ticket booth (connected to concessions and restroom build, not pictured)

  • Main gate entrance with fencing

  • Athletic Hall of fame and or Sponsorship wall

  • Paver inside the main gate

  • New fencing just outside the track

  • Complete the sidewalk that goes all around the outside of the track for fans and spectators.

  • The asphalt between the track and sideways to keep sand and weed off the track

  • Sidewalks to the different field events for track and field

  • Completion of the second long/ triple jump pit for hosting track meets

  • Seating next to the concession stand for people to sit and eat 

  • block wall in front of the main gate

  • Fencing around the framing of the visitors stand for extra lockable storage

​These additions and upgrades will make Lakewood Ranch Mustangs Stadium a place that schools, teams, and people will want to come complete and watch an event. These improvements will make access to the different areas of the stadium easier to get to, keep things cleaner, and safer for all. 

Please help and support the Mustang Stadium Renovation.

Questions, please contact Simmons at:
Office: (941)- 727- 6100x2199
Cell: (603)- 556- 0015


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