Christian Dombovari 
Head Coach
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Coach Dombovari has been coaching lacrosse for a total of 13 years, five of those was spent coaching high school and 13 as a club coach. This will be Dombovari’s first year at Lakewood Ranch. “Becoming the head coach of the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs lacrosse program brings both excitement and a ton of responsibility, I feel so fortunate to lead such a wonderful program” said Dombovari.  


“Coaching has been a passion of mine ever since I started coaching. I was not fortunate enough to have played as a kid mainly because the sport of lacrosse didn’t exist in Sarasota/Manatee County at the time. My sports where hockey, football and soccer growing up. For the pasted 13 years of my coaching career, I’ve had the opportunity to coach for some great programs. At the club level I coached a Seahawks Lacrosse Club and for True lacrosse where I continue to coach at the youth levels. At the high school level, I started at Sarasota Military Academy and then moved on to Riverview High School and Sarasota High School” Said Domovari. 


“Our program has been trending up over the past few years and I hope to continue that tending. Understanding that nothing is given, but earned. Preparation, determination and commitment are the reasons we would get where we wanted to go. It starts with team culture and the coaching staff. I want to provide a positive environment for our student athletes in order to make them successful not only on the field but off the field in life” said Dombovari.  

Junior Varsity