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Our goal for the Softball team was to become the top program in the state and one for the best in the country. Another goal was to become a college prep program focusing on preparing players for the next level in Softball. 

Our staff is full of volunteers who give countless hours on and off the field to help our young ladies become strong, confident, and battle-tested young women ready to take on (and thrive in) life. 

Our goal for this team is to prepare players in the best way possible, create an environment to have an amazing high school softball experience, and to prepare players for the wins and loses on and off the field. 

We have installed a constraint prosses that thrives on high expectations and focuses on getting better each and every day. We push our players to go beyond their level of comfort to achieve new heights. All players in the program are valued and expected to to work hard in whatever role they have earned. We have been nationally ranked five years in a row and ranked as high as number one in the country in 2019, 2023 with a top five national ranking and are embracing the expectations that go along with that.

Head Coach

Taylor Gould

Junior VarsityCoach

Stephanie Butera

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Team Roster

Junior Varsity
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