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Track & Field


      Our team is like a family. We truly care about each other and want everyone to succeed. It's amazing to see how our athletes come together to accomplish their goals. These student-athletes are committed to being the best, yet they remain invested in one another and the overall team experience. Whereas running can sometimes feel like an individual sport, our girls and guys truly know the value of relying on one another as teammates.     

     To be a Track and Field student-athlete takes grit. Running is not the most glorified sport, and most of the work is done when nobody is looking. The persistence, patience, and work ethic of our athletes is what makes our program successful. Our team culture depends on these values, and this culture is one that we work hard to uphold. 

Girls Head Coach

Rae Ann Darling Reed


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Boys Head Coach

Bill Zarrella

Coach "Z" brings a seasoned perspective and valuable knowledge. He is excited to continue strengthening the program. 


Team Roster

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